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Country:                               Colombia

Genre:                                   Feature Documentary 

Director/ Writer:                 Manuela Montoya

Producers:                            Paola Andrea Pérez Nieto, Manuela Montoya, Juan Soto Taborda

Production Companies:     La Liebre FilmsInercia Películas, Tardeo Temprano Films

Pojected Release:               May 2022

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I am the filmmaker of an unfinished documentary about my dad's life. As a teenager I began to collect images of him in his work as a television actor and of my own life, while I found a taste for filmmaking. My dad was a local famous actor in the 80's and 90's, he was called the Colombian De Niro because of his resemblance to the American actor. He was imprisoned for 4 years in the USA. He returned to live on a ranch on the outskirts of Bogota while he waited for a part. I would visit him and record our conversations in front of the TV, when he would get drunk. He came to talk to me about his deepest secrets and at times I didn't tell him I was recording. He didn't like me recording his intimate life. When he died I didn't film anymore. I need to share a story that otherwise becomes infinite in the landscape where I live, the mountains, my dogs, the horse, even the same Jeep I inherited from my dad. This is the story of the legacy of an anti-hero and his search for nature and freedom.

© Manuela Montoya - All rights reserved