This feature-length documentary film project is under construction and is currently in a final-cut editing phase.


The film is a personal diary that plays with free association and the montage of video fragments. The images combine home videos or archive where my father appears as an actor. He worked for theater, television, and news where he appeared. 


The film is almost finished. Now we are looking for funding to do the sound postproduction and color correction. 


I'm making it with La Liebre Films, a company aimed at raising the funds for locally hand-made, experimental, short- and documentary films.

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Country:                               Colombia

Genre:                                   Feature Documentary 

Director/ Writer:                 Manuela Montoya

Producers:                            Paola Andrea Pérez Nieto, Manuela Montoya, Juan Soto Taborda

Production Companies:     La Liebre FilmsInercia Películas, Tardeo Temprano Films

Projected Release:               January 2023



I am the filmmaker of an unfinished documentary about my dad's life. As a teenager, I began to collect images of him in his work as a television actor and of my own life, while I found a taste for filmmaking. My dad was a local famous actor in the 80s and '90s, he was called the Colombian De Niro because of his resemblance to the American actor. He was imprisoned for 4 years in the USA. He returned to live in a small country house outside Bogota while he waited for a part. I would visit him and record our conversations in front of the TV when he would get drunk. He came to talk to me about his deepest secrets and at times I didn't tell him I was recording. He didn't like me recording his intimate life. When he died I didn't film anymore. I need to share a story that otherwise becomes infinite in the landscape where I live, the mountains, my dogs, the horse, and even the same Jeep I inherited from my dad. This is the story of the legacy of an anti-hero and his search for nature and freedom.

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